Spoiler Room: The Turning

Whether it’s due to a unique plot twist or some controversial subject matter that deserves further exploration, the Spoiler Room provides a place for our authors, and you readers, to discuss a film’s details outside of our regular spoiler-free reviews.

The ending of The Turning is one of the most baffling I’ve seen in quite some time. Ample comparisons to The Devil Inside have already been made, but if you don’t know what happens at the end of that movie, save your blood pressure and don’t look it up. The third act of the film completely betrays the motivation of Finn Wolfhard’s character, who acts like a spooky asshole up until the point where he decides he wants to get his sister away from the spooky house. Cue absolute chaos including the nanny flipping over a staircase and dying, Mackenzie Davis getting strangled by a ghost, ghosts reenacting sex, and the real kicker. Mackenzie Davis’s mom is in a nursing home and likes to make creepy drawings. Somehow the mother sends in an envelope full of creepy drawing, and the old maid says something along the lines of “hope what your mom has isn’t genetic,” because foreshadowing is a thing that writers do. As she’s driving away with the children, it suddenly flashes back to her opening the envelope, and the past twenty minutes of the film have all happened in Mackenzie Davis’s head. Then we get a trippy scene inside of her mind where she is suddenly in the nursing home with her mom. She walks up to her mom, and screams at her mother’s face, which the audience doesn’t see, roll credits. An absolutely baffling ending to an otherwise run of the mill horror flick.

Spoiler Room

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