Best of 2020- Davey

10. Possessor

(Brandon Cronenberg, UK/US/Canada)

Available on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray

9. Bill & Ted Face the Music

(Dean Parisot, US)

Available on VOD and DVD/Blu-ray

8. Shirley

(Josephine Decker, US)

Available on Hulu, VOD, and DVD

7. Kajillionaire

(Miranda July, US)

Available on VOD and DVD

6. Nomadland

(Chloe Zhao, US)

Coming soon

5. Minari

(Lee Isaac Chung, US)

Coming soon

4. Never Rarely Sometimes Always

(Eliza Hittman, US)

Available on HBOMax, VOD, and DVD

3. Vivarium

(Lorcan Finnegan, Ireland/Denmark/Belgium)

Available on Amazon Prime, VOD, and DVD/Blu-ray

2. Promising Young Woman

(Emerald Fennell, US)

Available in theaters

1. Spontaneous

(Brian Duffield, US)

Every year, I feel like there’s one film that I don’t shut up about online. Some years have exceptions, when the films that really hit me are more widely loved, but in the years where I’m lucky enough to fall head over heels in love with a film that’s not as popular, I talk about it until I’m blue in the face. And just like The One I Love, or Blindspotting, Spontaneous’ great strength comes in articulating a feeling I didn’t know I was missing from the world of cinema. It’s not that Brian Duffield’s violent, tense rom-com does anything particularly ingenious, but the pieces of its story and world are put together in a way that I’ve found undeniably effective. The first time I watched Spontaneous, it was an unexpected delight. The second time, I broke down and cried. The third time, I started demanding as many people as I know watch it. The fourth time, it’s one of the movies I want played in the marathon I’ll make people have in my memory after I die.

Available on VOD and DVD

Best of 2020

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