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21, born and raised in Boston. Mamma Mia wine mom personality. Jerry Gogosian of the film world.

The Mauritanian

The thing about the standard Hollywood biopic is that they generally stick to a tried and true formula: opening with title cards, neat and orderly chronological story with dates punctuated with cue cards, and closing title cards that explain what happened to the characters in the story once the script ends. The Mauritanian is no…

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry might be Hanna-Barbera’s most enduring and beloved creations. With 164 short films and seven Oscars to their names, the cat and mouse duo have been making audiences laugh for more than eighty years now, but they haven’t had much success in the world of feature length films. Before this latest live-action/animation mashup,…

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Sia’s film, Music, found itself ensnared in controversy months before it debuted thanks to a snappy remark from its creator: “Maybe you’re just a bad actor”. She lashed out at autistic viewers who were begging her to explain why she cast her dancer/protege/stand-in Maddie Ziegler in the role of Music, a character on the spectrum.…

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Best of 2020- Cole

2020 has been, to put it bluntly, the biggest shake-up of the film industry since the end of the Silent Era. As the pandemic shut down movie theaters across the globe and forced everyone to stay isolated in their homes, cinemas went virtual and studios had to think outside of the box for their release…

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Imagine this scenario: a board room on a studio lot in sunny Burbank. It’s September 11th, 2001, and executives are watching the horrifying tragedy in New York City unfold on a television set that was wheeled in by an intern while another intern delivered everyone’s coffee orders. One executive at the end of the table…

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The Prom

The Prom wasn’t exactly what you would call a massive Broadway hit, but that gave it an advantage at the start of the process of becoming a film. While lacking the household name status of Phantom of the Opera or Cats, the more simple high school story of a lesbian’s fight to have prom after…

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Sound of Metal

Addiction, and the need to overcome it, is a driving force in an endless list of films, and The Place Beyond the Pines screenwriter Darius Marder’s directorial debut Sound of Metal is no exception. It’s got a gripping hook: recovering heroin addict Ruben (Riz Ahmed) is a drummer in a raucous punk-metal band with his…

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City Hall

There is no greater titan in documentary filmmaking than the Bay State’s very own Frederick Wiseman. Born in Boston and raised across the river in Cambridge, Wiseman’s directorial career in film started with the infamous Titicut Follies (1967), a film banned in Massachusetts for decades because it highlighted the horrific treatment of psychiatric patients at…

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The Witches (2020)

Ever since he traumatized children across the globe with The Polar Express and its monstrous motion capture computer-generated images, Robert Zemeckis has used his influence and power in Hollywood to make one visual effects extravaganza after the other. Somehow, despite the fact that these projects usually end in financial loss (Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Welcome…

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