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21, born and raised in Boston. Mamma Mia wine mom personality. Jerry Gogosian of the film world.


It’s a crisp fall day in New York City. The leaves are just starting to turn into their vivid blend of red, yellow, and orange. He wakes up in his lovely Manhattan apartment and pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s so hot that he burns his tongue as he reads the front page of…

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Academy in Review: The 1960s

The 1960s was when everything shifted. The most chaotic era for Hollywood since the rise of talkies, the film industry was unrecognizable by the end of the decade. It was the end of the studio system, which had been slowly suffocating for years after the United States v. Paramount case in 1948 that broke the…

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Academy in Review: The 1990s

Yes, I’ve returned! The coronavirus couldn’t kill me; I’m too persnickety and tough for that to happen. After a rough bout with the disease and a rocky recovery period, I’ve returned to share more Oscars trivia and rankings. This time, we’re going back to the 1990s.  Ah, the 1990s. The decade when the most notable…

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Academy in Review: The 1980s

Like so many other billions of people, quarantine life has led me to find something to do, and I’ve settled on watching every single Best Picture nominee from all 92 years of the Academy Awards. And for fun, we’re gonna be reviewing every decade to look back at the highs and lows throughout the years…

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First Cow

Kelly Reichardt has been directing western-inspired tales for pretty much her entire career. Her breakthrough, 2005’s Old Joy, brought audiences to Oregon for a tale of friendship and loss between two old pals during a camping weekend in the Cascades. Fifteen years later, Reichardt has returned to the lavishly lush emerald woods of the Pacific…

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Pixar has successfully explored fantasy worlds over and over. From Monstropolis to Paradise Falls to the inner mind of a young girl, they’ve managed to move audiences to tears in the most unexpected ways while exploring high-concept worlds that test the limits of our imaginations. Even in deeply realistic worlds such as the kitchen of…

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The Academy Saves Itself

Every member of the film industry lost their minds tonight out of sheer joy when the impossible happened: Parasite won Best Picture. Granted, there were concerns that the film would lose due to being a foreign language film from South Korea with no actors recognizable in Hollywood and a lack of precursors like the DGA…

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Miss Americana

If you’ve paid any modicum of attention to popular music in the past twenty years or so, you know Taylor Swift. She knows that you know her. Her private life has been a constant in the tabloids, with her Kimye-fueled feud and revolving door of boyfriends almost eclipsing her career as a recording artist. No…

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There comes a time in anyone’s life when they are faced with an event so horrifying, so disturbing, so hopeless that they question everything they stand for. It is a moment of crisis where they question what their purpose in life is. This came to me last evening during a screening of Universal’s latest blockbuster…

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