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21, born and raised in Boston. Mamma Mia wine mom personality. Jerry Gogosian of the film world.

The Witches (2020)

Ever since he traumatized children across the globe with The Polar Express and its monstrous motion capture computer-generated images, Robert Zemeckis has used his influence and power in Hollywood to make one visual effects extravaganza after the other. Somehow, despite the fact that these projects usually end in financial loss (Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Welcome…

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The Boys in the Band

Mart Crowley’s controversial play The Boys in the Band was revolutionary theatre when it premiered off-Broadway back in the long-ago days of 1968. Opening only a year before the first brick was thrown at Stonewall, the play shocked audiences by openly depicting the lives of gay men at a time when homophobia was both prevalent…

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On the Rocks

Sofia Coppola’s career has always had a sense of melancholy. Longing stares, rainy days, and imprisonment in an isolated location: these are the trademarks of her filmography. Her peak, Lost in Translation, is the biggest point of comparison for her newest feature On the Rocks (in select theaters October 2nd for those who wish to…

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Spoiler Room: Tenet

It’s time to talk about TENET tuoba lkat ot emit s’tI.  Christopher Nolan’s biggest – and messiest – movie yet stormed into theaters with the confidence that it could single handedly save cinemas around the world. Whether it’ll manage to do so remains to be seen; but considering the fact that the time traveling action…

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Moviegoing in the Age of Coronavirus: A Survivor’s Viewpoint

The impending arrival of Christopher Nolan’s gigantic blockbuster, Tenet, has been met with a great deal of justified hand-wringing and concern about what message film critics send by reviewing any exclusive theatrical releases. “Is it morally justifiable to highly recommend a film that executives refuse to show outside of cinemas?”, is the question on the…

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Black is King

It’s a little jarring at first to press play on Black Is King and see the Disney logo pop up as the instrumental for “When You Wish Upon a Star” plays. The media conglomerate’s history with Black people has been one twisted by racism from its executives and its films. Fantasia and Dumbo both dealt…

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It’s a crisp fall day in New York City. The leaves are just starting to turn into their vivid blend of red, yellow, and orange. He wakes up in his lovely Manhattan apartment and pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s so hot that he burns his tongue as he reads the front page of…

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