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Anyone who knows me well has likely accepted the fact that I hold no truck for the sentimental. Any kind of romanticised emotional mugging just rubs me up completely the wrong way, and a swell of strings in a film is usually accompanied by rising bile from the pit of my stomach. The way to…

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Another Round

Director Thomas Vinterberg is probably best known for co-founding the Dogme 95 movement, along with fellow Dane and agent provocateur, Lars Von Trier. Vinterberg’s debut feature, Festen (The Celebration), was a deliciously dark comedy, but since that film he’s generally played it a lot safer than his aforementioned compatriot. I had hoped that Another Round,…

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The Trouble with Being Born

Sandra Wollner’s new film makes its Australian debut at an interesting time. The debate around any kind of depiction of the sexualisation of minors has been burning hot, with Netflix’s bungled launch of Cuties a notable example of the intensity inherent in the discourse. The Trouble With Being Born has itself not arrived unscathed. It…

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