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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the second Stephen King adaptation this year that runs over two and a half hours long, but those still unable to shake the stagnant sewage aftertaste of It Chapter 2 can rest assured – this one is actually entertaining. Easily the best of the four King adaptations this year (the other 2…

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3 From Hell

Rob Zombie is no stranger to the horror genre – his dual careers as musician and film director indebted to grindhouse cinema and horror classics. After the break-up of his band, White Zombie, in 1998, he embarked on a solo music career, and his debut album, Hellbilly Deluxe, was a veritable treasure trove of samples…

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Jojo Rabbit

The 1997 Italian film Life is Beautiful was released to widespread success. It became one of the highest grossing non-English language films, won 3 Oscars and numerous other awards at a variety of festivals and awards shows, and received strong praise for its ability to be funny yet haunting while tackling a story set against…

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Spoiler Room: Parasite

Whether it’s due to a unique plot twist or some controversial subject matter that deserves further exploration, the Spoiler Room provides a place for our authors, and you readers, to discuss a film’s details outside of our regular spoiler-free reviews.

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Dolemite is My Name

Blaxploitation is a subgenre that took prominence in the 1970s. There was a wave of black filmmakers and actors scraping together all of their resources to make films that they wanted to make, and if they got lucky, people would get to see it. Blaxploitation didn’t get very far from its original years at the…

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Sometimes the stories that don’t get made into films can be even more revealing of the dynamics within Hollywood than the ones that do. Though one of the most important American historical figures, until now, Harriet Tubman never received the biopic treatment given to so many other less significant individuals. Born into slavery and later…

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Western Stars

Though most of the music I listen to has been described by my friends as “dad music”, for some reason, I never really got into Bruce Springsteen. Of course I was always aware of his music (is it possible not to be?) but I never added any of his work to my personal music rotation…

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Bong Joon-ho has one of the most interesting and varied careers of this century so far. Aside from a couple of relatively straightforward crime-dramas (Memories of Murder, Mother), his work often balances an ambitious concept with humor, social commentary, and thrilling set pieces, to varying results. His latest, Parasite, takes a brilliantly conceived story about…

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“All we have to do is beat the clock by a second!“ As you may have read in my recent, Wounds (Babek Anvari, 2019) review, Hollywood seems rather obsessed with selling cell phone horror as a viable trend. This year alone, we have had A.M.I. (Rusty Nixon), Jexi (Jon Lucas, Scott Moore), and Wounds. Prior…

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Black and Blue

“Murder is murder, don’t matter who you are!“ Contrary to what you might be thinking, no, I did not pull the short straw for this week’s new releases. Seeing as how I don’t get The Lighthouse, this week , I voluntarily opted to be the one to go see and review the latest Naomie Harris,…

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