Tag: 2019

Triple Frontier

“A stock boy job at Wal-Mart is starting to look pretty good right now, boys.” To those well versed in the brief yet excellent filmography of one, J.C. Chandor, you’d be as surprised as me to hear about Triple Frontier. An ace A-Star leading men ensemble consisting of: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett…

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The Lighthouse

I’d love to say The Lighthouse is an ambitious failure – that Robert Eggers tried to tap into something heady, existential, or even primal, and just wound up coming up short. If only it were a thematic or narrative mess, or an admirable but flawed attempt at provocation that unfortunately missed the mark. Instead, Eggers’…

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The Irishman

Armed with a massive budget, an all-star cast, and total creative freedom, Martin Scorsese delivers a career-defining 209-minute epic crime film that’s less daunting and more purely entertaining than you’d expect. The Irishman is reminiscent of his other gangster pictures, like Goodfellas and Casino, but the propelling force here is character rather than plot, which…

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