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Best of 2020- Lee

To say “What a year we’ve had” would not only be an understatement, but an unwanted cue for an unnecessary flashback reminding us of the whole catastrophic chapter we’ve been through. But that’s just it: “we’ve been through.” Riding some massive ups and downs that put any roller coaster in the history of mankind to…

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Invoking the name Cronenberg is an immediate, unfailing method to conjure up mental images of grotesque body horror occurring at the intersection of sex, violence and technology. In this respect, Brandon Cronenberg was always going to find it difficult to escape the shade cast by his father’s long shadow. If Possessor is any indication, however,…

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The Grudge (2020)

Nicolas Pesce’s remake/reboot/rendition of The Grudge is perplexing. Not only because it’s an awful film from an incredibly promising up-and-coming filmmaker with two excellent features behind his belt, but it’s somehow even more painfully dull and incoherent than the regular horror trash we’ve seen churned out in recent years like Countdown and Truth or Dare.…

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