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Staff Selects: Christmas Movies

Not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a loved one, so indulge us, if you will, and share in our celebration of a different holiday – one that reminds us of the power of joy (and capitalism). This week, our staff highlights some of our favorite Christmas movies: Elf Though I…

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Gretel & Hansel

January is finally over, everyone! Hollywood did what it always does, we survived it, and most of the public has already forgotten about The Turning (I will likely never forget).We have so many great horror films to look forward to in February, like… Fantasy Island! There’s also Brahms: The Boy II! Anyhow, there’s one more…

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Black Christmas

To the tune of “Up on the Housetop”: “Up in the frat house, there’s one true factAnd that is, that I was attacked.Ho ho ho, I didn’t know.Ho ho ho, I didn’t know.Because up in the frat house click click click. You slipped me a roofieAnd then your dick.“ The second remake of the 1974…

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