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Best of 2020- Kern

5. Fourteen (Dan Sallitt, US) Dan Sallitt’s woefully underseen film brilliantly depicts something everyone can relate to on some level: an inescapable asymmetrical friendship. Mara (Tallie Medel) and Jo (Norma Kuhling) are lifelong friends, but it’s immediately clear that they’re nothing alike: Mara is ambitious and organized, whereas Jo is impulsive and unrestrained. The film…

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Bong Joon-ho has one of the most interesting and varied careers of this century so far. Aside from a couple of relatively straightforward crime-dramas (Memories of Murder, Mother), his work often balances an ambitious concept with humor, social commentary, and thrilling set pieces, to varying results. His latest, Parasite, takes a brilliantly conceived story about…

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