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Spoiler Room: Tenet

It’s time to talk about TENET tuoba lkat ot emit s’tI.  Christopher Nolan’s biggest – and messiest – movie yet stormed into theaters with the confidence that it could single handedly save cinemas around the world. Whether it’ll manage to do so remains to be seen; but considering the fact that the time traveling action…

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If you’ve started reading this review against your better judgement, worried about spoilers, rest assured there is no cause for concern here. I could certainly divulge plot details—minor and major—but they would soon get lost in the shuffle. To say Tenet is heavily plotted would be an understatement. In the early stages especially, it is…

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The Burnt Orange Heresy

An art dealer is hired to steal a painting from one of the most enigmatic painters of his day, and he is consumed by his own greed. Insecurities rise as this operation spins out of control. The Burnt Orange Heresy is a slightly uneven but engaging arthouse thriller, led by two fantastic performances and a…

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