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How it Ends

Sundance Film Festival has long been known for its notorious quirkiness. Often programming American indie films from a wealthy, nepotistic scene, filmmakers like Miranda July got started at American indie’s largest festival. Past the 2000s Golden Era of twee, it lives on through a millennial BuzzFeed style humor, much to the chagrin of many. This…

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Spoiler Room: The Turning

Whether it’s due to a unique plot twist or some controversial subject matter that deserves further exploration, the Spoiler Room provides a place for our authors, and you readers, to discuss a film’s details outside of our regular spoiler-free reviews. The ending of The Turning is one of the most baffling I’ve seen in quite…

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The Turning

I thought our January horror curse was over with the quickly forgotten remake of The Grudge. How wrong was I to believe such a blessing could be true. It’s as if The Grudge was forgotten so quickly that another bad studio horror film had to be released a few weeks later so that we would…

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