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A newcomer to the scene, South African director Jaco Bouwer‘s feature directorial debut Gaia will instantly bring to mind a handful of recent eco-horror staples. Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic and originally making its global debut at SXSW back in March, Gaia takes a high concept approach along the lines of Annihilation. Two unsuspecting park…

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Saint Maud

If nothing else, Saint Maud is notable on this site for being layered and compelling enough that I had the drive to actually get this review submitted in a timely manner. Maybe it’s because I want to strike while the iron is hot, while the final moments of the film have branded themselves onto my…

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Trey Edward Shults is quickly making a career out of absolutely shredding his audience’s nerves. With Waves, he takes his experience with psychological thrillers and applies it to a family drama. It’s his most ambitious effort, both in narrative and form, and while it mostly pays off, the result is unfortunately uneven. Bolstered by a…

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