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Best of 2020- Staff

Through some dubious method that compiled all of our individual lists (which you can find by clicking on author names or the Best of 2020 tag) and assigned points based on how highly ranked films were and how often they were mentioned, we’ve created this composite list of Cinema Etc’s top 10 films of 2020.…

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Best of 2020- Cole

2020 has been, to put it bluntly, the biggest shake-up of the film industry since the end of the Silent Era. As the pandemic shut down movie theaters across the globe and forced everyone to stay isolated in their homes, cinemas went virtual and studios had to think outside of the box for their release…

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First Cow

Kelly Reichardt has been directing western-inspired tales for pretty much her entire career. Her breakthrough, 2005’s Old Joy, brought audiences to Oregon for a tale of friendship and loss between two old pals during a camping weekend in the Cascades. Fifteen years later, Reichardt has returned to the lavishly lush emerald woods of the Pacific…

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