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Spoiler Room: Tenet

It’s time to talk about TENET tuoba lkat ot emit s’tI.  Christopher Nolan’s biggest – and messiest – movie yet stormed into theaters with the confidence that it could single handedly save cinemas around the world. Whether it’ll manage to do so remains to be seen; but considering the fact that the time traveling action…

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Artemis Fowl

Maybe everything I loved as a child is secretly terrible. With the only book series I adored that was turned into functionally watchable cinema being written by a TERF and a bigot, I’m now left to relive one of the great pains of my childhood, something I had long thought I had moved past. The…

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The King

            In 1965, Orson Welles wrote, directed, and starred in Chimes at Midnight, an adaptation of a variety of William Shakespeare’s plays, primarily those included in the Henriad. Welles had long held an interest in Shakespeare and adapted many of his plays to both stage and screen. Initially produced for live performance, Chimes at Midnight closed…

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