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QFF Day 5: Hell is a Teenage Girl

For today we’re going to be taking a look at some films in the female coming of age genre. Although the following films often depict the conflict and struggle of growing up. There’s something comforting about capturing the process of growing up and putting it to film. That comfort arises from identifying with the characters…

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Honey Boy

Autobiographical films are like a form of artistic therapy, and often their value is dependent on the audience’s ability to connect their own personal experiences with those being portrayed. Some are engrossing, like this year’s The Souvenir, where Joanna Hogg presents semi-disconnected moments of her life that play out like an elliptical collage of memories.…

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Trey Edward Shults is quickly making a career out of absolutely shredding his audience’s nerves. With Waves, he takes his experience with psychological thrillers and applies it to a family drama. It’s his most ambitious effort, both in narrative and form, and while it mostly pays off, the result is unfortunately uneven. Bolstered by a…

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