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The Witches (2020)

Ever since he traumatized children across the globe with The Polar Express and its monstrous motion capture computer-generated images, Robert Zemeckis has used his influence and power in Hollywood to make one visual effects extravaganza after the other. Somehow, despite the fact that these projects usually end in financial loss (Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Welcome…

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Pixar has successfully explored fantasy worlds over and over. From Monstropolis to Paradise Falls to the inner mind of a young girl, they’ve managed to move audiences to tears in the most unexpected ways while exploring high-concept worlds that test the limits of our imaginations. Even in deeply realistic worlds such as the kitchen of…

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There comes a time in anyone’s life when they are faced with an event so horrifying, so disturbing, so hopeless that they question everything they stand for. It is a moment of crisis where they question what their purpose in life is. This came to me last evening during a screening of Universal’s latest blockbuster…

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