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Best of 2020- Henry

Most years, my top ten list would just be a list of the ten films I enjoyed the most or was thinking about when writing and I would hope a few people get something out of it, but in a weird year like this one, I figured I would take the opportunity to highlight a…

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Staff Selects: Oscar Hopes

Joker picked up the most nominations and 1917 seems to be the predicted winner (at least according to most of our staff) for this year’s Oscars, but we’ve got other films in mind for what we’d like to see take home the gold this Sunday: Best Picture: Marriage Story Though it was initially seen as…

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Western Stars

Though most of the music I listen to has been described by my friends as “dad music”, for some reason, I never really got into Bruce Springsteen. Of course I was always aware of his music (is it possible not to be?) but I never added any of his work to my personal music rotation…

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