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Best of 2020- Lee

To say “What a year we’ve had” would not only be an understatement, but an unwanted cue for an unnecessary flashback reminding us of the whole catastrophic chapter we’ve been through. But that’s just it: “we’ve been through.” Riding some massive ups and downs that put any roller coaster in the history of mankind to…

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Sound of Metal

Addiction, and the need to overcome it, is a driving force in an endless list of films, and The Place Beyond the Pines screenwriter Darius Marder’s directorial debut Sound of Metal is no exception. It’s got a gripping hook: recovering heroin addict Ruben (Riz Ahmed) is a drummer in a raucous punk-metal band with his…

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In Conversation: John Turturro

Henry: About five months back, in the span of about two weeks, I watched Do the Right Thing, Raging Bull, the Transformers franchise, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Mr. Deeds, and I had this realization that I guess I’ve had before but never so strongly, that John Turturro is one of the most incredible…

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