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In Conversation: 2020

Henry: When this year started off with a trip over to the Netherlands for the Rotterdam Film Festival, getting to go to the BAFTA’s, and getting that accreditation for Cannes, all while finally having found the groove with the site, it seemed like it was about to be the best year for film yet. Then…

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Best of 2020- Kern

5. Fourteen (Dan Sallitt, US) Dan Sallitt’s woefully underseen film brilliantly depicts something everyone can relate to on some level: an inescapable asymmetrical friendship. Mara (Tallie Medel) and Jo (Norma Kuhling) are lifelong friends, but it’s immediately clear that they’re nothing alike: Mara is ambitious and organized, whereas Jo is impulsive and unrestrained. The film…

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Staff Selects: Short Films

Perfectly (and unintentionally, we promise) coinciding with the release of David Lynch’s latest short film What Did Jack Do? this week, our staff highlights some of their favorite short films: Goldman v Silverman (2020) “Favorite short film.” Now those are some words that filled me with a fair bit of dread. Not that I don’t…

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