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The Lodge

This January was an abysmal month for horror films. The Grudge became the first film to receive an F CinemaScore in over 2 years, and a mere 3 weeks later, The Turning became the second. So, The Lodge couldn’t arrive at a better time to breathe life into the season, though its focus on atmosphere…

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The Turning

I thought our January horror curse was over with the quickly forgotten remake of The Grudge. How wrong was I to believe such a blessing could be true. It’s as if The Grudge was forgotten so quickly that another bad studio horror film had to be released a few weeks later so that we would…

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The Grudge (2020)

Nicolas Pesce’s remake/reboot/rendition of The Grudge is perplexing. Not only because it’s an awful film from an incredibly promising up-and-coming filmmaker with two excellent features behind his belt, but it’s somehow even more painfully dull and incoherent than the regular horror trash we’ve seen churned out in recent years like Countdown and Truth or Dare.…

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