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In Conversation: 2020

Henry: When this year started off with a trip over to the Netherlands for the Rotterdam Film Festival, getting to go to the BAFTA’s, and getting that accreditation for Cannes, all while finally having found the groove with the site, it seemed like it was about to be the best year for film yet. Then…

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Best of 2020- Henry

Most years, my top ten list would just be a list of the ten films I enjoyed the most or was thinking about when writing and I would hope a few people get something out of it, but in a weird year like this one, I figured I would take the opportunity to highlight a…

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Emma Woodhouse is a young woman described as having faced few things that vexed her in her life. She is often selfish and snobbish and was described by Jane Austen as a heroine who no one but Austen herself would much like. Yet, despite Austen’s apparent attempt to dissuade readers from liking her, Emma is…

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