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A Mermaid in Paris

It isn’t often a film peaks ahead of the opening title, but A Mermaid in Paris‘s animated stop-motion opening is so charming it’s hard not to wish the rest of the film maintained that childlike wonder. It’s no surprise the bright animation is the best bit, as it’s helmed by Mathias Malzieu, whose animated debut…

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Staff Selects: Oscar Hopes

Joker picked up the most nominations and 1917 seems to be the predicted winner (at least according to most of our staff) for this year’s Oscars, but we’ve got other films in mind for what we’d like to see take home the gold this Sunday: Best Picture: Marriage Story Though it was initially seen as…

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Objectum sexuality is a subject either played as an offhand joke or used for shock value. Multiple cases have puzzled the internet since its inception, a sort of strange sideshow for headlines. It is a realm used for controversy or as a meme, certainly not one that is expected to appear in a near-crowdpleaser. Zoe…

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