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So, I guess I should preface this review by saying that I never decline an opportunity to champion one of the great filmmakers of our time. Regardless of where you stand on M. Night Shyamalan, his releases tend to be events amongst critics and film buffs alike. This is exactly why I need to get…

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True History of the Kelly Gang

Boy No other figure in history captures Australia’s obsession with the outlaw hero persona as perfectly as Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly – the 19th century bushranger whose final uttered words find themselves inscribed in the flesh of more than a handful across this land: “Such is life.” His life and death have indeed indelibly marked the…

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Jojo Rabbit

The 1997 Italian film Life is Beautiful was released to widespread success. It became one of the highest grossing non-English language films, won 3 Oscars and numerous other awards at a variety of festivals and awards shows, and received strong praise for its ability to be funny yet haunting while tackling a story set against…

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