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The Devil All the Time

“Blessed…are they who hunger and thirst…for righteousness.” Whether it be a couple of cold ones, a couple of poachers, some unsuspecting hitchhikers, predatory preachers, or corrupt ne’er-do-wells, the people of Knockemstiff, Ohio certainly live up to their town’s namesake. The Devil All the Time is my third most anticipated film of 2020, behind Dune and…

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Pixar has successfully explored fantasy worlds over and over. From Monstropolis to Paradise Falls to the inner mind of a young girl, they’ve managed to move audiences to tears in the most unexpected ways while exploring high-concept worlds that test the limits of our imaginations. Even in deeply realistic worlds such as the kitchen of…

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There comes a time in anyone’s life when they are faced with an event so horrifying, so disturbing, so hopeless that they question everything they stand for. It is a moment of crisis where they question what their purpose in life is. This came to me last evening during a screening of Universal’s latest blockbuster…

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