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Spiral: From the Book of Saw

I spent most of the past February catching up with the Saw franchise with my roommate. They were already a fan, and I was finally convinced to jump aboard the ship with the announcement of this new film that we have, as well as an incredible episode of the podcast Why Are Dads? that featured…

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21 Bridges

“We got twenty-one bridges in and out of Manhattan. Shut them down. Three rivers. Close them. Four tunnels. Block them. Stop every train and loop the subways. Then we flood the island with blue“. I’d like to start off this review by stating that my brother and I entered this film expecting to have a…

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Black and Blue

“Murder is murder, don’t matter who you are!“ Contrary to what you might be thinking, no, I did not pull the short straw for this week’s new releases. Seeing as how I don’t get The Lighthouse, this week , I voluntarily opted to be the one to go see and review the latest Naomie Harris,…

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