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Henry Baime

There was a time when Henry would go to the cinema almost every day and travel the world for film festivals or just for pleasure. As they did for so many, those days came to a close for Henry when the lockdowns began and he spent a year holed up in his apartment watching more films than ever before. Now he has moved to New York City and is chasing the dream. What that dream may be, even he can’t tell you, but it probably has something to do with movies and definitely includes regular trips to Katz’s Delicatessen.

Email: henry@baime.us

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Kern Wheeling

Kern graduated from film school in 2010 and kept his passion for the arts alive in the years since. He currently resides in Northern Virginia, but frequently travels for film festivals and live music. His taste, though sometimes questionable, is never predictable – his playlists abruptly shift from metal to dream pop to ambient electronic, and he’s known to follow up a gut-wrenching Palme d’Or winner by binging an entire season of Jersey Shore.

Email: kernwheeling@gmail.com

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Senior Critics:


Lee is a recent film school graduate who arrived at the conclusion that his film degree was of little real world use a bit too late. Despite entering the “real world” as a denizen of the ever so struggling arts, Lee does not harbor any disdain for his years spent to obtain a glorified cinephile pass. While his film studies and history degree sit collecting dust above his massive Blu-ray collection, Lee spends the majority of his time attending just about any film showing at his theater. His favorites tend to be those mid-day indie showings with absolutely nobody else present. You know the ones. When he’s not watching a film, Lee is pursuing his active hobby in photography or playing football (no, not the silly kind you play with hands and helmets). Those familiar with Lee will also be all to aware of his full-time Jake Gyllenhaal shill position on Film Twitter. Lee is an avid vinyl collector, journal hoarder, Blu-ray addict, sneaker head, and mixtape maker. Lee’s musical interests cover a wide range but you’ll find Frank Sinatra, Classic Rock, 80’s hits, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Kanye West, Post Malone, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Lana del Rey, Chvrches, and Chromatics in heavy rotation. If you aren’t already in the know, you’ll come to find that Lee’s cinematic taste tends to vary, capable of subjecting himself to myriads of never heard of cult and horror schlock just as well as Criterion classics or awards season and indie darlings. If there’s one thing that Lee believes in, it’s that you should watch whatever, whenever. Oh, and that Jake Gyllenhaal was completely robbed for his Prisoners AND Nightcrawler performances.

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Chris Barnes


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Contributing Writers/Critics:

Jennings Collins

Jennings (or Jen, depending) is a budding cinephile with a weakness for blockbuster schlock. He can typically pin himself down to study the classics, but don’t be surprised that he spends a considerable amount of time on superhero material. He’s also a big fan of horror and psychological thrillers, and one of the few hundred people in the world who still avidly watch Mr. Robot.

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Davey Peppers

Davey is a young man of either pretentious or basic taste depending on who you ask, and has seen Step Up 3D multiple times, so his opinion doesn’t much matter, now does it? He enjoys movies far more than he enjoys people, which he has been told makes him “difficult,” although he believes it makes him interesting. He graduated college in 2019, and still has no idea what to do with his life, so if you have any advice, please tell him. He is so, so scared all the time.

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Reyzando Nawara

Reyzando is a passionate film and TV enthusiast based in Indonesia. He enjoys to write and discuss about cinema and anything TV-related all day, especially if it’s about HBO’s Succession and Inside Llewyn Davis. He’s also a big fan of Mia Hansen-Løve, Noah Baumbach, Alex Ross Perry, and Richard Linklater. When he’s not watching movies and TV or at work, he like to spend his day by cooking and tasting gelatos.

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Watches way too many movies. Rian Johnson stan. Champion of South Korean cinema. Well-liked by all.

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Sarah is a film writer and director from Rhode Island. She is especially interested in Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and anything Shunji Iwai, Kryzstof Kieslowski, and Todd Haynes have ever made, but mostly Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

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Cole is a Bostonian film school student currently living in Los Angeles, after spending three years in Chicago. You could say he’s quite the cosmopolitan. Ask him any question about Beyonce and he’ll be happy to give you an essay-length answer. He’s willing to watch anything, though sometimes that’s led to massive mistakes. Once described as the Jerry Gogosian of the film world, he might be most infamously known for being that guy who hates It’s a Wonderful Life. Frequently spotted at movie theatres with a glass of wine in hand.

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Dani Ferro

Dani is a Biomechanics student from Colorado but film is the thing she’s really interested in. She leans towards the horror and thriller genres but will watch nearly anything as long as it’s not absolutely horrible. The fact that she paid to see The Circle (2017) in theaters still keeps her up at night.

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Ryan N

Ryan (alias Cozy) is a longtime film lover who broke out of his box several years ago and has been soaking up the far reaches of indie cinema and the classics he’s missed since. Currently living in Pittsburgh, if he’s not on the job as a laboratory scientist, at the gym, or rock climbing, he’s taking any recommendations as he refuses to be boxed in to a specific taste or genre. Although, the work of Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani seem to be checking all his boxes as of late.

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